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#3557 Can't concatenate other strings to BinaryToString Bug AutoIt
#822 Can't find out if item in folder option is checked or not Bug AutoIt
#3181 Can't press Alt+Tab when HotKeySet - Alt+Esc Bug AutoIt
#2994 Can't run _Excel_RangeFind example in Bug Standard UDFs
#3653 Can't set value of element of nested array Feature Request AutoIt
#1113 Can't use _ to ignore an empty line (using for array initialization) Bug AutoIt
#3788 Can't we create empty 3D arrays Feature Request AutoIt
#2326 Cancel not detected in _WinAPI_GetSaveFileName() Jpm Bug Standard UDFs
#3187 Cannot access forums. Bug Other
#312 Cannot create dynamic arrays $foo[$bar] Bug AutoIt
#1740 Cannot send Period (ASC 046) when using Italian OS Bug AutoIt
#2228 Cant post ?? Bug AutoIt
#150 Can´t open hidden file Bug AutoIt
#3090 Cascading submenus as an option Jos Feature Request SciTE4AutoIt
#1098 Case logical bug Bug AutoIt
#736 Case proper for non-latin chars doesn't working Jos Bug SciTE4AutoIt
#2945 Center and right justified text broken on native buttons when colours set Jon Bug AutoIt
#1637 Certain charactered missed by StringRegExp() and the replace Bug AutoIt
#387 Change DllCallbackFree() to check handle validation or erase it Jon Bug AutoIt
#1137 Change RegEnumKey/RegEnumVal error return to be more sensible. Valik Feature Request AutoIt
#899 Change default "Open" verb for ShellExecute to allow support for all shortcuts. Valik Feature Request AutoIt
#2375 Change default return value for SetError and SetExtended Jpm Feature Request AutoIt
#2631 Change delimiters used in SciTE.session Jos Feature Request SciTE4AutoIt
#1429 Change return value of FileGetSize() on failure. Feature Request AutoIt
#1645 Change stdinwrite() to asynchronous Valik Feature Request AutoIt
#2835 Change the TCP*() funktions to optional use non blocking ports. Feature Request AutoIt
#1407 Change the Trace Tools to use @ScriptLineNumber Jos Feature Request SciTE4AutoIt
#825 Change the behaviour of DirMove() Feature Request AutoIt
#556 Change to SciTE4AutoIt3.exe installer. Jos Feature Request SciTE4AutoIt
#1118 Change to _ArrayConcatenate Jpm Feature Request AutoIt
#425 Change to the registy by the installer Feature Request Other
#1646 Change wording in help file Feature Request Documentation
#3208 Changes in documentation for _Crypt_Hash* functions. Jpm Feature Request Documentation
#941 Changes to macro auto completion tips Bug AutoIt
#1230 Changes to the build process. Valik Feature Request Future Release Other
#417 Changing function parameters on a function call Bug AutoIt
#3790 CharW() >= 64968 compares with "" as True Jon Bug AutoIt
#1054 Character Encoding Jon Feature Request AutoIt
#3241 Cheap_Links defect AutoIt
#1069 Check _PathSplit Function. Bug AutoIt
#176 Check for Updates on Windows XP x64 Bug AutoIt
#2929 Check if a method exists using IsFunc() Feature Request AutoIt
#1030 Check spelling Bug Documentation
#1087 CheckBox on TabItem, CheckBox text. Jpm Bug AutoIt
#3606 CheckForUpdates pop up error at start Bug AutoIt
#982 Checkbox backcolor in tab Bug AutoIt
#2527 Checkbox background colour change after mouse hovering Bug AutoIt
#409 Checkbox check goes to Select Case while not programmed to do so Bug AutoIt
#355 Child dialogs not visible Jpm Bug AutoIt
#184 Child window must use GUICtrlSetTip() if the parent uses it too Bug AutoIt
#3579 Clarification of Help for DllStructGetData(): never returns an array Jpm Feature Request Documentation
#1190 Clarify case sensivity of some operators Jpm Bug Documentation
#221 Classes Feature Request AutoIt
#41 Cleanup/Rename internal and User Defined Functions. Feature Request AutoIt
#1875 Clear Input buffers Feature Request AutoIt
#2692 Clear up the AutoIt3Wrapper Directives's documentation Feature Request Documentation
#1043 ClipPut Function bug or limitation Bug AutoIt
#1083 ClipPut Function bug or limitation-from ticket 1043 Jon Bug AutoItX
#303 Clock.au3 sample needs fixing Gary Bug AutoIt
#444 Clone Structures with Data and Tags Feature Request AutoIt
#3569 CmdLine parameter charset Bug AutoIt
#1134 Code cleanup of _FileWriteToLine() Jpm Bug Standard UDFs Other
#2174 Code error in _StringInsert() - but in my opinion it should not be guinness Bug Standard UDFs
#3244 Codewizard.au3 Icon Fix poposal for Messagebox Tab and Tooltip Tab Jos Bug SciTE4AutoIt
#2404 Collection of minor helpfile typos. guinness Bug Documentation
#1314 ColorMode (Option) problem Bug Documentation
#1014 ColorMode option Valik Bug Documentation
#3757 Colors in GuiListView functions are switched Melba23 Bug Standard UDFs
#3738 Com error in _IEAttach with embedded IE mLipok Bug Standard UDFs
#1532 ComboBox custom height not retained after window minimize Bug AutoIt
#633 ComboBox doesn't open list of entries at Win2k, XP is working ok Bug AutoIt
#711 Combobox functions does not work properly or even at all, on Windows 2000 & NT 4.0 Bug AutoIt
#2134 Combobox style $CBS_UPPERCASE produces undesired results Bug AutoIt
#1851 Comma SciTe bug Jos Bug SciTE4AutoIt
#1603 Comment-Before Character Feature Request AutoIt
#1394 Comodo Internet Security reports dangerous program Jos Bug SciTE4AutoIt
#426 Compability with cryptors & packers Feature Request AutoIt
#1147 Comparison of numbers against strings gives unexpected results Valik Bug AutoIt
#3774 Comparisons with Null wrong for <= and >= Jpm Bug AutoIt
#1768 Compile Feature Request AutoIt
#851 Compile Script - UPX.exe error Bug Aut2Exe
#1266 Compile not found in context menu of 64bit windows Jon Bug AutoIt Other
#1409 Compile to .exe dialog keyboard shortcut nuisance Jon Bug AutoIt
#1901 Compiled 32bit scripts not working in system32 path on 64bit OS Valik Bug AutoIt
#2144 Compiled script does not open with FILE_SHARE_DELETE Bug AutoIt
#1732 Compiled script gets terminated when running interactively under SYSTEM account and user logs off Jon Bug AutoIt
#647 Compiler Parsing Bug AutoIt
#348 Compiler complains that $STDERR_MERGED is undefined global variable Bug AutoIt
#398 Compiles Scripts won't run with Config of exact same name Bug AutoIt
#816 Compiling ... Jpm Feature Request AutoIt
#1108 Compiling Error Bug Aut2Exe
#1815 Conditional Compilation (#if, #ifdef, #ifndef, #else, #elif, #endif, and defined) Feature Request AutoIt
#3096 Confusing error message when initializing default argument with undeclared variable Bug AutoIt
#1994 Confusing helpfile info... Valik Bug AutoIt
#1081 Consider this code for include: waiting for the clipboard to fill. Gary Feature Request Standard UDFs
#3764 ConsoleWrite binary mode Jon Feature Request AutoIt
#1981 ConsoleWrite is too obscure Feature Request Documentation
#356 ConsoleWrite not working on Vista. Bug AutoIt
#77 ConsoleWriteLine to write to the console with @CRLF at the end of line Feature Request AutoIt
#1537 Consolewrite_2 or cw pause Jos Feature Request SciTE4AutoIt
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