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Need help about Network sharing

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I making a small tool that create wifi Hotspot use netsh cmd

All command is ok 

But only sharing option that i dont know how to control

That list all network for choice one network to share

Then set properties Sharing


I find any infomation about 2hour but i cant find anything

I thinking about control click but it will not right for all windows version

Please. Help me! Have you some ideas?

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Hi. Any one can help me please?

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I'd be willing to bet those settings are stored in the registry.  I'm not at a place where I can test this, but I'd recommend using procmon to see what registry keys are being set and try setting them via your autoit script.  It may take a disable/enable of the network interface for the changes to take effect.

Just my two cents

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Calm down. I see a vb6 example and ported to AutoIt. 


Func EnableDisableICS($sPublicConnectionName,$ssPrivateConnectionName,$bEnable)

    Local  $bFound =False
    Dim $oNetSharingManager, $oConnectionCollection, $oItem, $EveryConnection, $objNCProps
    $oNetSharingManager = ObjCreate("HNetCfg.HNetShare.1")
    $oConnectionCollection = $oNetSharingManager.EnumEveryConnection
    For  $oItem In $oConnectionCollection
        $EveryConnection = $oNetSharingManager.INetSharingConfigurationForINetConnection($oItem)
        $objNCProps = $oNetSharingManager.NetConnectionProps($oItem)
        If $objNCProps.name = $ssPrivateConnectionName Then
            $bFound = True
;~             MsgBox(0,"","Starting Internet Sharing For: " & $objNCProps.name)
            If $bEnable Then
    $oConnectionCollection = $oNetSharingManager.EnumEveryConnection
    For  $oItem In $oConnectionCollection
        $EveryConnection = $oNetSharingManager.INetSharingConfigurationForINetConnection($oItem)
        $objNCProps = $oNetSharingManager.NetConnectionProps($oItem)
        If $objNCProps.name = $sPublicConnectionName Then
            $bFound = True
;~             MsgBox(0,"","Internet Sharing Success For: " & $objNCProps.name)
            If $bEnable Then
    Return $bFound




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Thx @Danyfirex

Your code work perfect!!!!!

Now i will trying to find how to list all network now my idea is ok

Thanks every body so much

You are the best :D

And. Happy new year, man! xD

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The code list all network here ($oConnectionCollection)  

You're wellcome. happy new year too.

if the topic is solved. mark as answered.


Edited by Danyfirex

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