How to call the functions inside a dll created using vb.net

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I have a .dll (custom specific: ICE.dll) file created using vb.net and there is a function inside: when i read the api spec, got the following information: request you to provide the code to open/close. tried dllcall, dllopen, dllclose but it doesnt work. any help with code will be really appreciated. Thanks a lot.

Best regards,


Service name:



byte ICE21 (byte status)

Parameters (in):


 (0-Open, 1- Close)

Return value:


0 if everything was OK. 


The function opens/closes the ICE plugin



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      Since W8.1 (actually IE 11 with W7 will work also) microsoft has a Javascript runtime that can be called from scripting languages
      As shown in this example from C++: https://iobservable.net/blog/2013/11/12/introduction-to-jsrt/
      By loading either JSCRIPT9.DLL or CHAKRA.DLL you can embed ECMA JavaScript in your application
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        This code is almost working but unfortunately not with the expected output. Someone seeing what is wrong? 
      It runs completely after fixes of DanyFirex 
      ;~ https://iobservable.net/blog/2013/11/ ;~ Should work on all windows versions with IE11 #AutoIt3Wrapper_UseX64=N #Region enum JsErrorCode : unsigned int Enum $JsNoError = 0, _ $JsErrorCategoryUsage = 0x10000, _ $JsErrorInvalidArgument, _ $JsErrorNullArgument, _ $JsErrorNoCurrentContext, _ $JsErrorInExceptionState, _ $JsErrorNotImplemented, _ $JsErrorWrongThread, _ $JsErrorRuntimeInUse, _ $JsErrorBadSerializedScript, _ $JsErrorInDisabledState, _ $JsErrorCannotDisableExecution, _ $JsErrorHeapEnumInProgress, _ $JsErrorArgumentNotObject, _ $JsErrorInProfileCallback, _ $JsErrorInThreadServiceCallback, _ $JsErrorCannotSerializeDebugScript, _ $JsErrorAlreadyDebuggingContext, _ $JsErrorAlreadyProfilingContext, _ $JsErrorIdleNotEnabled, _ $JsErrorCategoryEngine = 0x20000, _ $JsErrorOutOfMemory, _ $JsErrorCategoryScript = 0x30000, _ $JsErrorScriptException, _ $JsErrorScriptCompile, _ $JsErrorScriptTerminated, _ $JsErrorScriptEvalDisabled, _ $JsErrorCategoryFatal = 0x40000, _ $JsErrorFatal ;~ }JsErrorCode; #EndRegion enum JsErrorCode : unsigned int #Region typedef enum JsRuntimeVersion Enum $JsRuntimeVersion10 = 0, $JsRuntimeVersion11 = 1 #EndRegion typedef enum JsRuntimeVersion ; Create callback function. Local $hPrintf = DllCallbackRegister("_printf", "long", "ptr;bool;ptr;ushort;ptr") Local $hJSRuntime = DllOpen("c:\windows\system32\jscript9.dll") $JsRuntimeAttributeNone = 0x00000000 ;~ #RequireAdmin Example() Func Example() Local $script = "native.printf('hello world')" ;~ Local $script = "native.printf('number=%#x string=%s\n', 255, 'test')" ;~ Local $script = "(()=>{return 'Hello world!';})()" ;~ Local $script = "var x='helloworld'; return x;" ;~ Local $script = "var x=10;" & @CRLF & "var y=11;" ;~ Local $script = "(42);" ;~ Local $script = "(" & @CRLF ;~ $script=$script & "host.echo(JSON.stringify({foo:'bar'}));)" & @CRLF ;~ $script=$script & "42 // The script's result :) "& @CRLF ;~ $script=$script & ")"& @CRLF ;~ $script=$script & "class Host {"& @CRLF ;~ $script=$script & " echo(s) {"& @CRLF ;~ $script=$script & " MsgBox %s%"& @CRLF ;~ $script=$script & " }"& @CRLF ;~ $script=$script & "}"& @CRLF Local $aResult Local $runtime Local $context ;~ // Create a runtime ;~ JsCreateRuntime(JsRuntimeAttributeNone, nullptr, &runtime); $runtime = _JsCreateRuntime($JsRuntimeAttributeNone, 0, $runtime) ; ;~ // Create an execution context. ;~ JsCreateContext(runtime, &context); $context = _JsCreateContext($runtime, $context) ;~ // Now set the current execution context. ;~ JsSetCurrentContext(context); _JsSetCurrentContext($context) ; ; Get the Global object for adding stuff ;~ JsGetGlobalObject(&global); Local $global $global = _JsGetGlobalObject($global) ;~ JsPropertyIdRef nativeProp; ;~ JsGetPropertyIdFromName(L"native", &nativeProp); Local $nativeProp $nativeProp = _JsGetPropertyIdFromName("native", $nativeProp) ;~ JsValueRef nativeObj; ;~ JsCreateObject(&nativeObj); Local $nativeObj $nativeObj = _JsCreateObject($nativeObj) ;~ JsPropertyIdRef printfProp; ;~ JsGetPropertyIdFromName(L"printf", &printfProp); Local $printfProp $printfProp = _JsGetPropertyIdFromName("printf", $printfProp) ;~ JsValueRef printfFunc; ;~ JsCreateFunction(PrintFormat, nullptr, &printfFunc); Local $printfFunc $printfFunc = _JsCreateFunction(DllCallbackGetPtr($hPrintf), 0, $printfFunc) ;~ JsSetProperty(nativeObj, printfProp, printfFunc, true); _JsSetProperty($nativeObj, $printfProp, $printfFunc, True) ;~ JsSetProperty(global, nativeProp, nativeObj, true); _JsSetProperty($global, $nativeProp, $nativeObj, True) ;~ STDAPI_(JsErrorCode) JsCreateFunction( ;~ _In_ JsNativeFunction nativeFunction, ;~ _In_opt_ void *callbackState, ;~ _Out_ JsValueRef *function ;~ ); ; Get a JsValueRef for our Host object ;~ hostRef := ToJsValue(Host) ;~ $aResult=DllCall($hJSRuntime, "int","JsVariantToValue", "ptr", &variant, "ptr*", valref) ; Pass our Host object to the script engine ;~ DllCall("jscript9\JsSetProperty", "ptr", globalObject, "ptr", hostPropertyId, "ptr", hostRef, "int", true) ;~ // Run the script. ;~ STDAPI_(JsErrorCode) JsRunScript( ;~ _In_z_ const wchar_t *script, ;~ _In_ JsSourceContext sourceContext, ;~ _In_z_ const wchar_t *sourceUrl, ;~ _Out_ JsValueRef *result ;~ ); Local $currentSourceContext = 1 ;~ JsRunScript(script.c_str(), currentSourceContext++, L"", &result); Local $result = "" Local $sourceURL = "" $aResult = DllCall($hJSRuntime, "int", "JsRunScript", "WSTR", $script, "UINT*", $currentSourceContext, "wstr", "dummysource.js", "WSTR*", $result) ConsoleWrite("Error 11: " & @error & @CRLF) If @error = 0 Then ConsoleWrite($aResult[0] & ";" & $aResult[1] & ";" & $aResult[2] & ";" & $aResult[3] & ";" & $aResult[4] & @CRLF) EndIf ;~ // Convert your script result to String in JavaScript redundant if your script returns a String ;~ JsValueRef resultJSString; ;~ STDAPI_(JsErrorCode) JsConvertValueToString( ;~ _In_ JsValueRef value, ;~ _Out_ JsValueRef *stringValue ;~ ); ;~ JsConvertValueToString(result, &resultJSString); ;~ $aResult=DllCall($hJSRuntime, "int", "JsConvertValueToString", "WSTR", $script, "long", 1, "WSTR*",0, "WSTR*", $result) ;~ consolewrite("Error 4: " & @error & @CRLF) ;~ if @error=0 Then ;~ consolewrite($aResult[0] & ";" & $aResult[1] & ";" & $aResult[2] & ";" & $aResult[3] & ";" & $aResult[4] & @CRLF) ;~ EndIf ;~ ;~ // Project script result back to C++. ;~ const wchar_t *resultWC; ;~ size_t stringLength; ;~ JsStringToPointer(resultJSString, &resultWC, &stringLength); ;~ wstring resultW(resultWC); ;~ cout << string(resultW.begin(), resultW.end()) << endl; ;~ system("pause"); ;~ // Dispose runtime ;~ JsSetCurrentContext(JS_INVALID_REFERENCE); ;~ JsDisposeRuntime(runtime); Return 0 ; EndFunc ;==>Example ; Create callback function. ;~ JsValueRef CALLBACK PrintFormat(JsValueRef callee, bool isConstructCall, JsValueRef *arguments, unsigned short argumentCount, void *callbackState) ;~ { ;~ const wchar_t *format; ;~ size_t length; ;~ JsStringToPointer(arguments[1], &format, &length); ;~ VARIANT variant; ;~ JsValueToVariant(arguments[2], &variant); ;~ const wchar_t *str; ;~ JsStringToPointer(arguments[3], &str, &length); ;~ wprintf(format, variant.intVal, str); ;~ return JS_INVALID_REFERENCE; ;~ } ;~ typedef _Ret_maybenull_ JsValueRef (CALLBACK * JsNativeFunction)( ;~ _In_ JsValueRef callee, ;~ _In_ bool isConstructCall, ;~ _In_ JsValueRef *arguments, ;~ _In_ unsigned short argumentCount ;~ ); Func _printf($callee, $isConstructCall, $arguments, $argumentCount, $callbackState) ConsoleWrite("there we are with " & $argumentCount & " arguments" & @CRLF) Local $tArgs = DllStructCreate("ptr JsValues[" & $argumentCount & "]", $arguments) ;~ STDAPI_(JsErrorCode) JsConvertValueToString( ;~ _In_ JsValueRef value, ;~ _Out_ JsValueRef *stringValue ;~ ); ;~ JsConvertValueToString(result, &resultJSString); local $tresult $aResult=DllCall($hJSRuntime, "int", "JsConvertValueToString", "ptr", DllStructGetData($tArgs,1,2), "ptr*", $tresult) consolewrite("Error 4: " & @error & @CRLF) if @error=0 Then consolewrite( $aResult[0] & ";" & $aResult[1] & ";" & $aResult[2] & @CRLF) $tresult=$aresult[2] EndIf ;~ STDAPI_(JsErrorCode) JsValueToVariant( ;~ _In_ JsValueRef object, ;~ _Out_ VARIANT *variant ;~ ); ;~ Local $aResult = DllCall($hJSRuntime, "dword", "JsValueToVariant", "ptr", $arguments[0], "ptr*", 0) ;~ If @error Then Return SetError(3, 0, @error) ;~ If $aResult[0] <> 0 Then Return SetError(4, 0, $aResult[0]) ;~ consolewrite($aResult[2]) Local $aResult = DllCall($hJSRuntime, "dword", "JsStringToPointer", "ptr", $tResult, "ptr*", 0, "int*", 0) If @error Then Return SetError(3, 0, @error) If $aResult[0] <> 0 Then Return SetError(4, 0, $aResult[0]) Local $tString = DllStructCreate("wchar string["&$aResult[3]&"]", $aResult[2]) consolewrite("+Parameter: " & $tString.string & @CRLF) Return 0 EndFunc ;==>_printf ;~ typedef void *JsRuntimeHandle; ;~ // Create a runtime. ;~ Edge mode signature STDAPI_(JsErrorCode) JsCreateRuntime( ;~ _In_ JsRuntimeAttributes attributes, ;~ _In_opt_ JsThreadServiceCallback threadService, ;~ _Out_ JsRuntimeHandle *runtime); ;~ Legacy mode signature ;~ STDAPI_(JsErrorCode) JsCreateRuntime( ;~ _In_ JsRuntimeAttributes attributes, ;~ _In_ JsRuntimeVersion version, ;~ _In_opt_ JsThreadServiceCallback threadService, ;~ _Out_ JsRuntimeHandle *runtime ;~ ); ;~ $runtime=_JsCreateRuntime(JsRuntimeAttributeNone, 0, $runtime); Func _JsCreateRuntime($JsRuntimeAttributeNone, $JSRuntimeVersion, $runtime) $aResult = DllCall($hJSRuntime, "int", "JsCreateRuntime", "int", $JsRuntimeAttributeNone, "int", $JSRuntimeVersion, "ptr", 0, "ptr*", $runtime) If @error Then Return SetError(1, @error, 0) Return $aResult[4] EndFunc ;==>_JsCreateRuntime ;~ // Edge mode signature ;~ STDAPI_(JsErrorCode) JsCreateContext( ;~ _In_ JsRuntimeHandle runtime, ;~ _Out_ JsContextRef *newContext); ;~ // Legacy mode signature ;~ STDAPI_(JsErrorCode) JsCreateContext( ;~ _In_ JsRuntimeHandle runtime, ;~ _In_ IDebugApplication *debugApplication, ;~ _Out_ JsContextRef *newContext ;~ ); ;~ JsCreateContext(runtime, &context); Func _JsCreateContext($runtime, $context) $aResult = DllCall($hJSRuntime, "int", "JsCreateContext", "ptr", $runtime, "ptr", 0, "ptr*", $context) If @error Then Return SetError(1, @error, 0) Return $aResult[3] EndFunc ;==>_JsCreateContext ;~ STDAPI_(JsErrorCode) JsSetCurrentContext( ;~ _In_ JsContextRef context ;~ ); ;~ JsSetCurrentContext(context); Func _JsSetCurrentContext($context) $aResult = DllCall($hJSRuntime, "int", "JsSetCurrentContext", "ptr", $context) If @error Then Return SetError(1, @error, 0) Return $JsNoError EndFunc ;==>_JsSetCurrentContext ; Get the Global object for adding stuff ;~ STDAPI_(JsErrorCode) JsGetGlobalObject( ;~ _Out_ JsValueRef *globalObject ;~ ); ;~ JsValueRef global; ;~ JsGetGlobalObject(&global); Func _JsGetGlobalObject($global) $aResult = DllCall($hJSRuntime, "int", "JsGetGlobalObject", "ptr*", $global) If @error Then Return SetError(1, @error, 0) Return $aResult[1] EndFunc ;==>_JsGetGlobalObject ; Get a property ID for the name "host" ;~ STDAPI_(JsErrorCode) JsGetPropertyIdFromName( ;~ _In_z_ const wchar_t *name, ;~ _Out_ JsPropertyIdRef *propertyId ;~ ); ;~ DllCall("jscript9\JsGetPropertyIdFromName", "wstr", "host", "ptr*", hostPropertyId) ;~ local $hostPropertyID ;~ $aResult=DllCall($hJSRuntime, "int","JsGetPropertyIdFromName", "wstr", "host", "ptr*", $hostPropertyId) ;~ consolewrite("Error 5: " & @error & @CRLF) ;~ if @error=0 Then ;~ consolewrite($aResult[0] & ";" & $aResult[1] & ";" & $aResult[2] & @CRLF) ;~ EndIf ;~ JsPropertyIdRef nativeProp; ;~ JsGetPropertyIdFromName(L"native", &nativeProp); Func _JsGetPropertyIdFromName($propname, $nativeProp) $aResult = DllCall($hJSRuntime, "int", "JsGetPropertyIdFromName", "wstr", $propname, "ptr*", $nativeProp) If @error Then Return SetError(1, @error, 0) Return $aResult[2] EndFunc ;==>_JsGetPropertyIdFromName ;~ STDAPI_(JsErrorCode) JsCreateObject( ;~ _Out_ JsValueRef *object ;~ ); ;~ JsValueRef nativeObj; ;~ JsCreateObject(&nativeObj); Local $nativeObj Func _JsCreateObject($JSRTobject) $aResult = DllCall($hJSRuntime, "int", "JsCreateObject", "ptr*", $JSRTobject) If @error Then Return SetError(1, @error, 0) Return $aResult[1] EndFunc ;==>_JsCreateObject ;~ STDAPI_(JsErrorCode) JsCreateFunction( ;~ _In_ JsNativeFunction nativeFunction, ;~ _In_opt_ void *callbackState, ;~ _Out_ JsValueRef *function ;~ ); Func _JsCreateFunction($fncCallBackPtr, $callbackState, $fncVar) $aResult = DllCall($hJSRuntime, "int", "JsCreateFunction", "ptr", $fncCallBackPtr, "ptr*", $callbackState, "ptr*", $fncVar) If @error Then Return SetError(1, @error, 0) Return $aResult[3] EndFunc ;==>_JsCreateFunction ;~ JsSetProperty(nativeObj, printfProp, printfFunc, true); ;~ STDAPI_(JsErrorCode) JsSetProperty( ;~ _In_ JsValueRef object, ;~ _In_ JsPropertyIdRef propertyId, ;~ _In_ JsValueRef value, ;~ _In_ bool useStrictRules ;~ ); Func _JsSetProperty($Obj, $Prop, $Func, $val) ; $aResult = DllCall($hJSRuntime, "int", "JsSetProperty", "ptr", $Obj, "ptr", $Prop, "ptr", $Func, "int", $val) If @error Then Return SetError(1, @error, 0) EndFunc ;==>_JsSetProperty