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Hi Seeker,

do you have any new on this issue regarding dll 7zip add to archive with progress bar (no 7zg)? I've done several attempts to find a suitable and easy solution but wasn't lucky until today.

Hi Tlem

I have tested nearly all functions and only found one problem until now

Using the example script againt a very big zipped file > 2g and with individual files in the zip file bigger than > 2g

$iFileSize and $iWriteSize return wrong results sometime negative results in the function _ARCHIVERPROC

the error is both at 32 and 64 bit O/S

#include <GuiConstantsEx.au3>

#include <7Zip.au3>

$hGUI = GUICreate("_7ZIPExtractEx demo", 300, 200)

$ctlEdit = GUICtrlCreateEdit("", 10, 10, 280, 100)

$ctlProgress = GUICtrlCreateProgress(10, 130, 280, 20)

$ctlButton_Pack = GUICtrlCreateButton("Unpack!", 10, 167, 75, 23)

$ctlButton_Close = GUICtrlCreateButton("Close", 215, 167, 75, 23)


$ArcFile = "c:testtest.7z.001"

If @error Then Exit

$sOutput = FileSelectFolder("Select output folder", "", 1, "", $hGUI)

If @error Then Exit

While 1

$msg = GUIGetMsg()

Switch $msg

Case $GUI_EVENT_CLOSE, $ctlButton_Close


Case $ctlButton_Pack


$retResult = _7ZipSetOwnerWindowEx($hGUI, "_ARCHIVERPROC")

If $retResult = 0 Then Exit MsgBox(16, "_7ZipAdd demo", "Error occured")

$retResult = _7ZIPExtractEx($hGUI, $ArcFile, $sOutput, 1)


If @error = 0 Then

MsgBox(64, "_7ZIPExtractEx demo", "Archive unpacked successfully", 0, $hGUI)


MsgBox(64, "_7ZIPExtractEx demo", "Error occurred", 0, $hGUI)


;GUICtrlSetData($ctlProgress, 0)

;GUICtrlSetData($ctlEdit, "")



Func _ARCHIVERPROC($hWnd, $Msg, $nState, $ExInfo)

Local $iFileSize, $iWriteSize, $iPercent = 0

If $nState = 0 Then

Local $EXTRACTINGINFO = DllStructCreate($tagEXTRACTINGINFO, $ExInfo)

GUICtrlSetData($ctlEdit, DllStructGetData($EXTRACTINGINFO, "szSourceFileName") & @CRLF, 1)

$iFileSize = DllStructGetData($EXTRACTINGINFO, "dwFileSize")

$iWriteSize = DllStructGetData($EXTRACTINGINFO, "dwWriteSize")

$iPercent = Int($iWriteSize / $iFileSize * 100)

GUICtrlSetData($ctlProgress, $iPercent)

Return 1


If $nState = 2 Then GUICtrlSetData($ctlProgress, 100)

Return 1


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Has anyone gotten this UDF to work with ISO files?

I am trying to extract an ISO file, but it fails. The same syntax works fine with zip file.

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Hi ! I'm using this UDF and it's really useful, I found a little bug though so I'll inform about it here in case you find your script failing for some archives like I did... kinda minor but, present.

If you have an archive with more than one contiguous space character in the name like this :

'My   archive   name.zip'

then it will extract it (using either _7zipExtract or _7zipExtractEx) it in this directory : (assuming you use your filename as destination, minus extension)

'My archive name'

in other words, it reduces contiguous spaces to one automatically, and the only workaround I found is to rename all my archives before using my script... (or to rename destination Dir after the extraction but I shouldn't have had to do that)

Perhaps are the Dlls involved in this, no idea. Just telling. What I know is if you extract it with 7Zip context menu in Explorer, then it keeps the true name and all the spaces.

Edited by CodingCody37

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this must be a April Fools joke  the link is for

7zip_udf.url which is fake or dead


mirror7zip_udf.url which is also fake or dead.

links go to files not other links why was it not

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There is a small mistake in the _7ZipStartup() function.

It decides to load the dll depending on the OS, but it needs to depend on the exe.

Here is a fix.

Func _7ZipStartup()
    If Not @Compiled Then ; If not compiled, test and open the right dll
        If Not FileExists($sNoCompiledPath & $sZip32Dll) And _
           Not FileExists($sNoCompiledPath & $sZip64Dll) Then Return SetError(2, 0, 0)
        If Not @AutoItX64 Then
            $hDLL_7ZIP = DllOpen($sNoCompiledPath & $sZip32Dll) ; Open x32 dll from no compiled path
            $hDLL_7ZIP = DllOpen($sNoCompiledPath & $sZip64Dll) ; Open x64 dll from no compiled path
    Else ; If compiled, test and open the right dll (that must be in ScriptDir for compiling)
        If Not @AutoItX64 Then
            If Not FileInstall("7-zip32.dll", $sCompiledPath & $sZip32Dll, 1) Then Return SetError(3, 0, 0)
            $hDLL_7ZIP = DllOpen($sCompiledPath & $sZip32Dll) ; Open x32 dll from FileInstall path
            If Not FileInstall("7-zip64.dll", $sCompiledPath & $sZip64Dll, 1) Then Return SetError(3, 0, 0)
            $hDLL_7ZIP = DllOpen($sCompiledPath & $sZip64Dll) ; Open x64 dll from FileInstall path
    If $hDLL_7ZIP = -1 Then Return SetError(1, 0, 0) ; If no dll handle, return error
    Return 1
EndFunc   ;==>_7ZipStartup
Edited by Mugen

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Oh, haven't seen your post. But properly it's good to have it mentioned in this topic, too.

BTW: Does anyone have an idea why using this UDF, even with silent option

is so much slower than using 7z.exe?

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sorry for my bad english

I have the problem with accented characters

example for

_7ZipExtractEx($dHnd, $hWnd, $sArcName,........




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