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Set a Progress for a Copying task in GUI

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how to set a progress bar for a copying task ( for example i want my script to copy mp4 file from C:\ to Desktop and show progress bar )

any one can set a command in a button which copy a mp4 file from C:\ and set the progress bar to show me my copying progress

#include <ButtonConstants.au3>
#include <GUIConstantsEx.au3>
#include <ProgressConstants.au3>
#include <TabConstants.au3>
#include <WindowsConstants.au3>
#Region ### START Koda GUI section ### Form=D:\koda work\Form1.kxf
$Form1 = GUICreate("Form1", 626, 281, 231, 138)
$MenuItem1 = GUICtrlCreateMenu("&MenuItem1")
$MenuItem2 = GUICtrlCreateMenuItem("MenuItem2", $MenuItem1)
$MenuItem3 = GUICtrlCreateMenuItem("MenuItem3", $MenuItem1)
$MenuItem4 = GUICtrlCreateMenuItem("MenuItem4", $MenuItem1)
$MenuItem5 = GUICtrlCreateMenuItem("MenuItem5", $MenuItem1)
$MenuItem6 = GUICtrlCreateMenu("M&enuItem6")
$MenuItem7 = GUICtrlCreateMenuItem("MenuItem7", $MenuItem6)
$MenuItem8 = GUICtrlCreateMenuItem("MenuItem8", $MenuItem6)
$MenuItem9 = GUICtrlCreateMenuItem("MenuItem9", $MenuItem6)
$MenuItem10 = GUICtrlCreateMenu("Me&nuItem10")
$MenuItem11 = GUICtrlCreateMenuItem("MenuItem11", $MenuItem10)
$MenuItem12 = GUICtrlCreateMenuItem("MenuItem12", $MenuItem10)
$MenuItem13 = GUICtrlCreateMenu("Men&uItem13")
$MenuItem14 = GUICtrlCreateMenuItem("MenuItem14", $MenuItem13)
$MenuItem15 = GUICtrlCreateMenuItem("MenuItem15", $MenuItem13)
$Tab1 = GUICtrlCreateTab(40, 40, 225, 169)
$TabSheet1 = GUICtrlCreateTabItem("TabSheet1")
$Button1 = GUICtrlCreateButton("Button1", 48, 72, 89, 25)
$Button2 = GUICtrlCreateButton("Button2", 152, 72, 89, 25)
$Button3 = GUICtrlCreateButton("Button3", 48, 104, 89, 25)
$Button4 = GUICtrlCreateButton("Button4", 152, 104, 89, 25)
$Button5 = GUICtrlCreateButton("Button5", 48, 136, 89, 25)
$Button6 = GUICtrlCreateButton("Button6", 152, 136, 89, 25)
$Button7 = GUICtrlCreateButton("Button7", 80, 168, 137, 25)
$TabSheet2 = GUICtrlCreateTabItem("TabSheet2")
$ComputerBoost = GUICtrlCreateGroup("ComputerBoost", 16, 24, 289, 201)
GUICtrlCreateGroup("", -99, -99, 1, 1)
$Progress1 = GUICtrlCreateProgress(16, 232, 593, 17)
#EndRegion ### END Koda GUI section ###
While 1
$nMsg = GUIGetMsg()
Switch $nMsg

just wanna learn how the code will be

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Did you search the forum for "progress bar"? You will find many different solutions.

My UDFs and Tutorials:


Active Directory (NEW 2016-05-02 - Version - Download - General Help & Support - Example Scripts - Wiki
OutlookEX (NEW 2016-05-09 - Version - Download - General Help & Support - Example Scripts - Wiki
ExcelChart (2015-04-01 - Version - Download - General Help & Support - Example Scripts
Excel - Example Scripts - Wiki
Word - Wiki
ADO - Wiki

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yea i did

but i don't know how to set a working progress for copying task on a button :D

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This should do.. I think..

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ok i will check it

i will back in few min

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no one done it as a want :D

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#7 ·  Posted (edited)

appears to be what you want. Are you sure you are copying a file that takes long enough to show a progress bar? Try a 100+MB file.

edit: better make that 300+MB

Edited by spudw2k

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      P.S.: Also a cat can get shy.
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      _GDIPlus_MonochromaticBlinker.au3 / _GDIPlus_RotatingBokeh.au3

      _GDIPlus_SpinningCandy.au3 / _GDIPlus_SteamPunkLoading.au3

      _GDIPlus_IncreasingBalls.au3 / _GDIPlus_PacmanProgressbar.au3

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      _GDIPlus_LoadingTextAnim.au3 / _GDIPlus_MovingRectangles.au3
      _GDIPlus_SpinningAndGlowing.au3 (thanks to Eukalyptus) / _GDIPlus_YetAnotherLoadingAnim.au3
       _GDIPlus_AnimatedTypeLoader.au3 / _GDIPlus_Carousel.au3
      Each animation function has a built-in example how it can be used.

      AiO download: GDI+ Animated Wait Loading Screens.7z  (previous downloads: 1757)
      Big thanks to Eukalyptus for providing several examples. 
      Maybe useful for some of you

      PS: I don't understand CSS - everything is made out of my mind, so it might be different from original CSS examples