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Ticket Summary Owner Type Milestone Component Version
#356 ConsoleWrite not working on Vista. Bug AutoIt
#77 ConsoleWriteLine to write to the console with @CRLF at the end of line Feature Request AutoIt
#1537 Consolewrite_2 or cw pause Jos Feature Request SciTE4AutoIt
#3240 Constanst for _PathSplit's returned array guinness Feature Request Standard UDFs
#151 Constant redeclaration bug Bug AutoIt
#3161 Constants for MemGetStats's returned array Jpm Feature Request AutoIt
#1557 Constants.au3 update Jpm Feature Request AutoIt
#1045 ConstantsAll.au3 or GUIConstantsAll.au3 - new include file/files Gary Feature Request Standard UDFs
#3667 Continuation line with no code on it passes Au3Check but at runtime "Error parsing function call" Jon Bug AutoIt
#2073 ContinueLoop crashes script if nothing to jump trancexx Bug AutoIt
#1677 ContinueLoop multiple level unpredictable behavior Jpm Bug AutoIt
#1390 ControListView causes Microsoft Management Console to crash (32bit/64bit problem). Bug Aut2Exe
#2900 Control ID returned by GUIGetCursorInfo when use with overlapped controls Bug AutoIt
#1705 Control Resizing before WinMove Bug AutoIt
#252 Control focus changing when window loses/regains focus Jon Bug AutoIt
#1195 Control key sticks down when using HotKeySet i.e. Cntl d Bug AutoIt
#2307 ControlClick - Incorrect description of the function parameters Bug Documentation
#158 ControlClick not working on some Vista windows. Bug AutoIt
#3803 ControlClick unaffected by MouseClickDownDelay Bug AutoIt
#551 ControlClick with "new" buttons syntax error (au3check) Jos Bug SciTE4AutoIt Other
#27 ControlClick with alternate mouse buttons (Like MouseClick's Primary, Secondary, Main & Menu) Feature Request AutoIt
#1281 ControlClick() Bug AutoIt
#1154 ControlClick() and VB.NET compatibility Bug AutoIt
#541 ControlCommand Helpfile typo Jpm Bug Documentation
#1691 ControlCommand is not working for .net checkboxes. Jon Feature Request AutoIt
#1100 ControlCommand not getting state of check box in .NET controls Bug AutoIt
#1322 ControlCommand with "GetSelected" used on ListView crashes the script Valik Bug AutoIt
#102 ControlCommand(SelectString) - wrong selection order again Jpm Bug AutoIt
#486 ControlGetFocus and ControlGetHandle never return exact ControlRef# Bug AutoIt
#536 ControlGetFocus() prevents double-clicks Bug AutoIt
#758 ControlGetHandle() does not work if controlID is passed as string type variable Bug AutoIt
#677 ControlGetHandle/ControlListView on .Net Listview crashes/not working with Vista64 Jon Feature Request AutoIt
#28 ControlGetPixel Feature Request AutoIt
#587 ControlGetPos array error Bug AutoIt
#2294 ControlGetText failing when window title happens to contain umlauts Bug AutoIt
#2208 ControlGetText not working on calculator Feature Request AutoIt
#2356 ControlGetText return blank string, but Window Info tool work without fail Bug AutoIt Other
#2626 ControlGetText wrong encoding for some words. Jon Bug AutoIt
#708 ControlGetText() does not work properly. Bug AutoIt
#2362 ControlGetText, WinGetTitle sometimes reads ANSI as Wide Jon Bug AutoIt
#802 ControlID fails with full X/Y/W/H definition Valik Bug AutoIt
#580 ControlListView - Get Text under SysListView32 Bug AutoIt
#3124 ControlListView Not working on a 64 bit OS Bug AutoIt
#330 ControlSend Bug? Bug AutoIt
#100 ControlSend Error Bug AutoIt
#3269 ControlSend acts inconsistently Bug AutoIt
#2231 ControlSend case of text inconsistent Bug AutoIt
#1535 ControlSend changes case of text Bug AutoIt
#453 ControlSend dont work properly Bug AutoIt
#1786 ControlSend releases Caps Lock Bug AutoIt
#549 ControlSend sometimes sends wrong text Bug AutoIt
#161 ControlSend() working buggy on Vista Bug AutoIt
#2949 ControlTreeView Bug AutoIt
#2427 ControlTreeView - option2 ?? Jpm Bug Documentation Other
#1607 ControlTreeView not fully working with SysTreeView32 Jon Bug AutoIt
#93 ControlTreeView() - sets @error=1 even if command works OK Jpm Bug AutoIt
#308 Controls embedded in statusbar lose theire position if GUI is minimised and then restored. Gary Bug Standard UDFs
#1746 Controls not found in moving from to Jon Bug AutoIt
#2860 Convert UDF's ptr to struct* type Jpm Feature Request Standard UDFs
#2055 Convert UDF's to struct* type AdmiralAlkex Feature Request Standard UDFs
#1463 Converting with StringToASCIIArray Jon Bug AutoIt
#1480 Corrupting registry when importing a .reg file with a delete key in it Bug AutoIt
#180 Could you make AitoIT Window Info Selectable? Bug AutoIt
#181 Could you make AutoIT Window Info Selectable? Feature Request AutoIt
#3171 Count of Keys in Returned Array of MapKeys Feature Request AutoIt
#2099 Crash of script when using "_GUICtrlDTP_SetSystemTimeEx()" function Bug AutoIt
#3513 Crash on _Timer_KillAllTimers x64 Jpm Bug AutoIt
#3130 Crash since AutoIT3.3.14x on call COM-Object winhttp.winhttprequest.5.1 Bug AutoIt
#1551 Crash the script when changing array trancexx Bug AutoIt
#2148 Crash with _GUICtrlListBox_InsertString() guinness Bug Standard UDFs
#1810 Crash, StringRegExpReplace, recursion. Bug AutoIt
#1295 Crashed with fileread and filewrite on windows 7 X64 Jon Bug AutoIt
#1490 Create a Dictionary UDF which creates a Scripting.Dictionary object Feature Request AutoIt
#1491 Create a Dictionary UDF which creates a Scripting.Dictionary object Gary Feature Request Standard UDFs
#3719 Create and manage more tray buttons than just one Feature Request AutoIt
#2995 Create and pass array as parameter in the parameter itself Feature Request AutoIt
#1885 CreateGUID and CreateGUIDSequential missing, but $tagGUID there Feature Request AutoIt
#3661 Creating a button: want to know where it ends Feature Request AutoIt
#1546 Creating new excel book is not working. Bug AutoIt
#1797 Critical bug with WS_CHILD Bug AutoIt
#2022 Cross set contants Bug AutoIt
#3049 Cross-referencing to assist in finding UDFs in the help Feature Request Documentation
#2377 Crypt(Un)ProtectData if Crypt.au3 UDF Feature Request Standard UDFs
#2667 Crypt.au3 Feature Request Standard UDFs
#1751 Ctrl key stuck after send containing ^ if BlockInput is on Bug AutoIt
#1713 Ctrl-Paste method for Send/ControlSend Jon Feature Request AutoIt
#3056 Ctrl_Alt_F5 SyntaxCheck Beta doesn't work in SciTE Jos Bug SciTE4AutoIt
#2314 Cursor Flicker - Control Jon Bug AutoIt
#156 Custom Defined Types - Recordset Feature Request AutoIt
#2355 Custom compiler Feature Request AutoIt
#1337 Custom context (popup) menus not working on non-compiled script Bug AutoIt
#2222 Cyrillic names of COM object / methods trancexx Bug AutoIt
#2135 DB reading bug in SQLite UDF Bug AutoIt Other
#873 DLLCall crashes when characters \\.\ in parameters Bug AutoIt
#201 DLLCall: $aRet[4] is invalid in AutoIT Jpm Bug AutoIt
#1395 DLLCallbacks on Exit trancexx Bug AutoIt Other
#1288 DLLStructSetData behavior with binary variant data Valik Bug AutoIt
#1355 Data types mixed Valik Bug AutoIt
#1511 Datatype mismatch in _GDIPlus_BrushCreateSolid Jpm Bug Standard UDFs
#1408 Date UDF Gary Bug Standard UDFs
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