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How to run a function every 3 minutes?

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Sorry, this is my fourth thread for support today.... Please can you can explain me how to run a function every 3 minutes in the code snippet below?

$GUI = GUICreate("GUI",350,350,-1,-1,-1,-1)

While 1
    Switch GUIGetMsg()
        Case $GUI_EVENT_CLOSE

Thanks in Advance :)

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Posting here to keep track on this Thx

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sorry i was querying that it is definatly for functions y = yes?

It was an addon question to this

'?do=embed' frameborder='0' data-embedContent>>

I wonder if it could be used for a running update as well

 I used this

Local $update = _Update() ; Update the gui with info
AdlibRegister($update,  1800000)

So the gui ran the first time then adlib would repeat every x mins

Func _Update()
    $devicemgr = _DeviceProblems()
    If $devicemgr = True Then
        GUICtrlCreateIcon($tick, -1, 183, 57, 25, 25)
        GUICtrlCreateIcon($cross, -1, 183, 57, 25, 25)
EndFunc   ;==>_Update
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Try this:


Func _Update()
    $devicemgr = _DeviceProblems()
    If $devicemgr = True Then
        GUICtrlCreateIcon($tick, -1, 183, 57, 25, 25)
        GUICtrlCreateIcon($cross, -1, 183, 57, 25, 25)

    AdlibRegister($update2, 1800000)
EndFunc   ;==>_Update


Func _Update2()
    $devicemgr = _DeviceProblems()
    If $devicemgr = True Then
        GUICtrlCreateIcon($tick, -1, 183, 57, 25, 25)
        GUICtrlCreateIcon($cross, -1, 183, 57, 25, 25)

    AdlibRegister($update, 1800000)
EndFunc   ;==>_Update

So you won't have any problems with recursion levels


Greets from Barcelona

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