AutoIt3Help viewer only displays help correctly if run in elevated mode

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After an update installation to Win 10 V.1607 (64bit) I have noticed that help does not show formatted properly anymore e.g. with Images missing, tables, headers, sample code mal formatted etc.

However, if AutoIt3Help.exe is run as Administrator everything works fine.

I have already uninstalled AutoIt and SciTE for AutoIt and reinstalled both in the latest version.  I have used default locations for the installation under:

C:\Program Files (x86)\AutoIt3\...

Any idea?




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Just to close this topic.

Problem was not related to AutoIt etc. but was caused by an apparently corrupted Windows user profile

Migrated to a new user profile and all good.

… Sorry. :sweating:


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Thanks for sharing your solution with AutoIt comunity.


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