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Help File/Documentation Issues. (Discussion Only)

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2 hours ago, seadoggie01 said:

There isn't output listed anywhere, you have to run the programs :) (I get it though, I looked for it too)

Do you know if that’s by design or?

As in, if we make it so people download the examples to get an answer, then maybe they’ll just keep going and write the program.

On the other hand, there are some people myself included, who just read them sequentially, hoping to create that vague sense of “I think there is a function that does x...”, which can be helpful.  I worked with a guy who studied all the error codes for Oracle without having a problem in front of him - now that’s going too far.

I’m assuming it’s on purpose though, because I know people can modify the help, and I’m sure people would volunteer, and yet there still is not even one output AFAIK.

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Code hard, but don’t hard code...

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      This post outlines correct usage of reporting a documentation error in AutoIt.

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