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Windows Message Monitor

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Search can be done by double-clicking a message or notification in toolbar listviews 2 - 5. Several minor updates related to search feature.

The ability to open/close a toolbar listview on every other click on the toolbar button was lost along the way. Reestablished.

Updated zip-file at bottom of first post.

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Thanks for this awesome tool, and an example of advanced AutoIt usage.


I think you should update your signature ;)




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Messages and notifications in toolbar listviews 2 - 5 are grouped by checked/unchecked items. Unchecked items in bottom of listviews.

"Uncheck=True" in "Apply Settings" section in WinMsgMon.ini means that unchecked messages are removed from main listview through GUI creation. As soon as an item in Wins/Ctrls toolbar listview (leftmost) is checked the removed messages are redisplayed. Click Set | Uncheck to remove the messages again.

Several minor updates especially with regard to Set and Reset toolbar buttons.

A few issues when code is run as 64 bit are fixed.

Added a handful of new messages to WM_Messages.txt.

Added two new examples under Examples\3) Miscellaneous\Window\: "GUI blocked.au3" and "GUI paused.au3". The examples demonstrates that when a GUI is blocked or paused by a MsgBox or by clicking the Tray icon, only the internal AutoIt message management system is blocked or paused. The Windows message management system is not blocked or paused. If you click the buttons while the GUI is blocked or paused, you'll still see lots of Windows messages in the monitor. This is utilized in Unblocking a Blocked Message Handler.

Updated zip-file in bottom of first post.

Edited by LarsJ

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  • Errors under AutoIt because functions have been moved to other UDFs. Corrected.
  • Added a few lines in ViewMessages.au3 to display messages from an OnEvent mode script.
  • Grouping toolbar listview items by checked/unchecked state (August 15, 2018) has caused problems while counting messages. The functionality has been removed again.
  • Updated WM_Messages.txt. If you compare Windows messages in Includes\Messages\ with e.g. all the Wine messages, the latter contains far more messages. However, many of these messages originate from Windows XP and earlier and are apparently no longer used. These old messages have not yet been added. I'm considering a bit whether to add or not.

New 7z-file at bottom of first post.

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